Your Trust - Our Effort

Since Guo Hoong was founded in 1988, our 30 years of professional experience has provided clients with high precision hardware and plastic products for electronics, computers, automobile parts, and medical components.

Guo Hoong upholds the spirit of service and professionalism to bring our clients products and services that are precise, convenient, exceptional, and innovative :

Precise and Convenient – One Stop for All Your Needs
  • Swift assessment and precise recommendations for diversely mechanical parts
  • Expertise in manufacturing small mechancial parts
  • Plastic injection products (thermoset and thermoplastic)
  • Sheet Metal stamping products
  • Zinc, aluminum alloy die-casting products
  • Mold casting and manufacturing for the items above (mold dimensions in the range of 800mm length * 800mm width)
  • Secondary processing and OEM assembly of mechanical products
Exceptional Innovation – Breakthrough Innovations that Lead the Industry

The teams at Guo Hoong have more than 30 years of professional experience and technique. Our compliance with ISO9001:2015 translates into our ability to achieve the rare industry standard of +/-0.003mm in hole precision and producing top notch quality at our domestic facilities. Guo Hoong has also invested heavily in the development of medical materials, obtaining a pharmaceutical manufacturer's license in 2013 and a Class I medical device license from the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2016. We 've successfully developed and obtained multiple patents for a "Smart Electrochemical Urine Sensor" and "Multi-channel Electrochemical Testing Strips", a single-use test strip that can be applied not only in IVD medical devices but also agriculture, food and water testing. 


Developed an IVD in vitro multi-channel electrochemical test strip (bare) with certified CV within 3% for both 3 and 5-channels.
Completed development of a smart electrochemical urine sensor
Passed revision of ISO 9001:2015
Developed an IVD in vitro single-channel electrochemical test strip (bare) with certified CV within 3%.
Obtained a Class I Medical Device Permit from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Obtained a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer's License.
Factory expansion to Linkou Industrial Park and investment in medical grade injection products, increased capital to NTD $100 million.
Company expansion by increasing production equipment and working capital by NTD $35 million, total company funds reaches NTD $66 million. 
Company addresses needs by raising capital of NTD $8 million for investment in affiliated company, zinc alloy die-casting company gain total funds of NTD $31 million.
Obtained ISO 9001 certification.
Company invests in affiliate metal die-casting factory and purchases Sanchong factory, increasing capital by NTD $15 million to a total of NTD $23 million.
Company officially invests in injection molding, raises NTD $5.5 million in capital for a total of NTD $8 million.
Company is founded with a capital of NTD $2.5 million.